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1.On my watch it is written "Water Resistant 30m". Can I swim with it?

2.My cheap quartz watch keeps better timing than my expensive brand name automatic watch! Why is this so?

3.The seconds' hand on my quartz watch has begun moving in a 4-seconds step instead of the normal 1-second step! Is this a problem?

4.What does "Chronometer" mean?

5.What is a Chronograph watch?

1. Definetely not!
The 30m inscription does not indicate the depth of water the watch can be used to. Units of meters and feet indicate a pressure rating and NOT the recommended depth for diving. A 30m Water Resistant watch is only suitable for accidental contact with splashes of water and not for an immersion of the watch in water. For a more thorough explanation you can go here.

2. Any watch needs a regulating organ to count the elapsed time.
A mechanical watch, either winding or self-winding (automatic) has a regulating organ, called the balance wheel, that vibrates at a frequency of about 3 Hz.
The quartz watch has a regulating organ, called the quartz crystal, which resonates at a frequency of 32768 Hz.
This immense difference in frequency is what makes a quartz watch so accurate compared to a mechanical one.
But if we come to consider this immense difference, then we have to admit that the mechanical watch is a true marvel of micromechanics, because the difference in timing compared to a quartz watch is not proportional to the difference in their frequencies!

3. This is just an indication that tells you that the battery of your watch is about to run flat and needs replacement.
According to the condition of your watch’s movement, you have another 3 to 10 days of battery life left before the watch stops.

4. A Chronometer (a word derived from the Greek words chronos=time and meter=count), is a precision watch that keeps time within the accuracy standards set by an official independent watch institute. For Swiss and some other European watches this institute is the COSC - Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres.
A mechanical gent's watch to be granted a Chronometer Certificate is tested in different temperatures and positions and has to have accuracy within -4 to +6 seconds per day
Other types of Chronometers are the Railroad Chronometer, a pocket watch that was used in United States and Canada to ensure safe operation of trains and the Marine Chronometer that was used in ships to determine their longitude for their navigation with the aid of the sun or stars.

5. A Chronograph (a word derived from the Greek words chronos=time and graph=write) is a watch that has an additional mechanism that counts elapsed time. A watch that only counts intervals of time without indicating the time is called a stopwatch.

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