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SEIKO 6138 images

Until 1969, it was a horological challenge to have a chronograph with automatic winding device.
This challenge was answered, roughly at the same time, by three companies, namely:

  • Zenith with the "El-Primero",
  • Chronomatic Group (a joint project between Heuer, Hamilton-Buren, Breitling, Dubois-Depraz) and
  • Seiko
  • It is a topic of controversy who was the first of the three to launch the automatic chronograph and this issue is beyond the scope of this brief article.
    However, Seiko hit the stores in mid 1969 with calibre 6139, and calibre 6138 followed in 1970. The difference of the two is that 6139 does not register hours and has no auxiliary winding system installed.

    Technical Specifications:

  • Diameter: 27.00mm
  • Height: 8.00mm
  • Vibrations per hour: 21600
  • Chronograph: 12 hours recorder and 30 minutes recorder.
  • Calendar: Day & Date with quick setting device.
  • Automatic winding with auxiliary hand winding.
  • Column wheel chronograph.
  • Centre chronograph wheel with the ingenious Vertical Clutch system that eliminates start/stop errors.
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