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We provide quality services for all kinds of watch repairs with the aid of the latest technology, including:

  • Full servicing-cleaning.

  • Battery exchange.

  • Resealing of water resistant watches.

  • Replacement of damaged glasses and crowns.

  • Polishing.

  • Straps and bracelet replacement.

  • Bracelet adjustment.

Cleaning-Servicing: In this process a watch is totally disassembled.
Assembling and disassembling are two meticulous processes, where every detail is examined and every flaw is spotted. Damaged or worn parts are replaced with originals and endshakes are checked and adjusted if necessary.

Every part is removed from its place, thoroughly inspected and cleaned. The watch parts are then placed in a special container, to undergo cleaning in a watch cleaning machine, passing through different specially formulated fluids. The watch is then assembled, checked and lubricated with the best quality Swiss synthetic oils.

Mechanical watches are checked for magnetism and demagnetized if necesary and then regulated on a timing machine, where the daily rate is adjusted in different positions. Depending on the grade and condition of the watch, the movement is adjusted between +5 to +20 seconds per day and for chronometers, between -2 to +6 seconds per day.

Quartz watches are tested on a different instrument where consumption in electricity and monthly timing rate are measured. Electrical consumption, measured in A (microAmperes) has to be within the proper values to ensure appropriate battery life and functioning of the moving parts. The battery - regardeles of its condition - is replaced with a new one to ensure trouble-free performance.

According to the type of watch (automatic, chronograph) various tasks and adjustments are performed to complete the assembly procedure. Finally the dial and hands are set in position.

The finished watch is replaced back to its case, which has previously been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Rubber seals are replaced and following a Water Resistance test, the watch is finally ready.


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